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    Ship equipment manufacturing industry is facing "price crisis"

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    Recently, the domestic media reported that since the summer began to receive low-margin shipbuilding orders since the Chinese shipbuilding enterprises to ship equipment manufacturing enterprises to reduce the demand for more and more strong demand. Among them, the private shipyard than the state-owned shipyard has a greater demand for price cuts. And some shipyards because of price factors, at the expense of has been with the domestic shipbuilding enterprises, in favor of seeking lower prices of Korean companies to cooperate for the first time last year, more than South Korea ranked first in the world shipbuilding industry, the new order volume is A little impact.

    So what is the result of the Chinese shipbuilding enterprises on the original cold teeth of the ship equipment enterprises to start "forced price" battle? China Shipbuilding Industry Economic Center industry analyst Liang Zhiyong that the price war as early as in 2009 on the beginning of the clues. In 2009, the international shipping and shipbuilding market experienced a long period of recovery after the financial crisis, and in 2009, the trend of the price war in the shipbuilding industry was not obvious. On the one hand, Ship equipment manufacturing enterprises are generally held until 2010 and the first half of 2011, that is, food can be eaten; the other hand, when the global shipyard ship equipment on the substantive needs of the season yet. Therefore, the price war is neither necessary, the effect will not be obvious. And in the last year, South Korea's ship equipment enterprises to adopt a price reduction strategy, from the hands of similar enterprises in China took away a number of large single business; at the same time, Korean shipbuilding enterprises in shipbuilding speed, efficiency and ship support are stronger than China , And the overall cost control is good, the same price cuts, Korean shipbuilding enterprises profit margins much larger than Chinese enterprises, in such a fierce market competition, forcing Chinese shipbuilding enterprises had to their own upstream enterprises - ship equipment Manufacturing enterprises to cut prices.

    The first three quarters of this year, China's shipbuilding industry ushered in the rapid growth of the positive situation, but insiders believe that: the current international environment of the shipbuilding industry has not changed, the current shipbuilding industry in China this good situation is built in the same period last year Single volume is very low on the basis of the effective demand for ships is still less, so the overall development prospects of domestic shipbuilding enterprises are not optimistic. As the shipbuilding industry upstream industry, ship equipment manufacturing industry, I am afraid to have to face this irresistible price trend. In this regard, the Chinese ship equipment network that should deal with the "price crisis", China's shipbuilding industry enterprises should do the following:
    1. To push forward the cost of the project, from the procurement costs, construction costs, management costs and other aspects of the effectiveness of the cost control in a lower affordable space, while improving labor productivity, to make up for the loss of efficiency The
    2. As soon as possible the introduction, digestion, absorption of foreign advanced ship equipment manufacturing technology, adhere to independent innovation, with technical advantages to snatch the market, the "price war" into a "digital war."
    3. Seriously study the excellent experience of Korean counterparts, and continuously improve the overall cost of control, enhance their own quality of risk, ready to respond to the crisis at any time.

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