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    Torsion beam suspension vs multi-link suspension how much difference

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    The biggest difference between the McPherson suspension and the double A-arm suspension is that the design of the connecting rod affects handling and comfort, both of which are independent. Speaking of the rear suspension, one of the most popular topic is the contradiction between the torsion beam and the multi-link, which is hard to non-independent and independent two different levels of suspension contest.

    Most people think that non-independent suspension has been outdated, does not meet the needs of modern cars, double A arm and multi-link is king. In any case, we talk about the torque from the early use of the car, to a lot of modern multi-link, in the end how much progress?

    Torsion Beam

    Non-stand-alone suspension, with a beam connected to the left and right wheels, on behalf of one side of the wheel beating will affect the other side of the wheel, affecting comfort and handling.


    A multi-link suspension from a double arm, with a rubber bush or a spherical joint (joint), with greater freedom to cope with traffic.

    More or less differences in connecting rods

    Torsion beam hanging on both sides of the set of drag arm, so that the suspension was shaped. The front of the trailing arm is directly engaged with the vehicle body and is driven by the rear end. As the beam and drag arm is contained together, strong rigidity enough to play the role of anti-roll bar. When the trailing arms on both sides are moved up and down relative to each other, they are twisted to provide a hanging roll angle. Simple construction, natural reduction of manufacturing costs and maintenance costs, the use of space is also small, so the use of torsion beam of the car, luggage compartment within the wheel arch occupied space than the multi-link small, but the wheel beating easily interrelated, It is also affected by the deterioration of the corner.

    Torsion beam suspension is often accompanied by two sides of the drag arm (legs) and the body phase, the beam was used as a horizontal positioning of the connecting rod. Due to the use of small space, in the small car rear axle is very common to this suspension, to achieve maximum space.

    By the double A arm evolution of the multi-link suspension, the structure is very similar with the double A arm is not easy to identify, and more to the original announcement shall prevail. The biggest difference with the torsion beam suspension is that the multi-link arm can operate independently, greatly reducing the impact of the road. To three to five connecting rods of the majority of multi-link suspension, to adjust the geometric changes in the higher degree of freedom, so that the racing team engineers can use the computer to simulate the dynamic suspension to make more delicate adjustment to improve the stability of bending The

    In particular, off-road racing, it is necessary to adjust the positioning of the multi-link, to adapt to the changing off-road driving. In the high-level car in the comfort and handling requirements are very high, multi-link also attract more depot into the study, but the complex structure of the space to maximize the small car is detrimental.

    Multi-Link Suspension To create a better ride comfort and handling, set each link with a different length and angle to make a more continuous action to keep the tires sticky, mostly used in performance cars and advanced RVs.

    How does the suspension affect positioning

    In the last period we mentioned that the type of suspension to determine the camber angle, rear tilt and tilt angle positioning, as long as one of the adjustment is not correct will cause the tire partial wear, affecting driving. The front angle is also a very important part of the front wheel from the top of the wheel and the direction of the direction of the vehicle, showing the shape of the eight, the purpose is to front axle lateral force and camber Thrusts cancel each other, that is, to offset the camber outside the roll effect, reduce tire wear and improve the driving force. And the market before the precursor / rear drive more than set to eight within the form (toe-in) with a positive camber, for general road driving; and the car will be adjusted to outside the eight forms (toe-out) with negative camber, Improve the stability of the rear.
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