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    Application of Lightning Protection Device in Security Engineering

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    Now, in the mine project, mine has become a security system design, construction, inspection, acceptance of one of the important work. Especially in the construction of outdoor projects, must be done in accordance with the standard norms of mine, and now the focus of mine gradually transferred to the weak mine, the security system as part of the weak, applied to more and more modern lightning protection technology, At the same time for the lightning protection technology put forward higher requirements, and promote the development of modern lightning technology and progress.

    Modern security systems are basically electronic products, which, these electronic equipment on the lightning over-voltage, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic radiation and other interference are very sensitive, vulnerable to damage. In addition, now a large number of network control and use of outdoor equipment, lightning damage more and more obvious. In the design and construction process, as far as possible according to the characteristics of each security project, specify the appropriate lightning protection solutions, effectively improve the overall level of security system lightning protection.

    For lightning protection applications in the construction process, the main need to do a good job of power system protection, outdoor equipment protection and system grounding and other three aspects of construction.

    First, for the protection of the power system in the power system, the need to set up three levels of protection, a protection SPD installed in the power of the total distribution box; two lightning protection SPD installed in the engine room distribution box; three protection SPD installed in The power supply of the equipment room. Under normal circumstances, the power system of the first and second have been set up in the construction process as long as the three-level protection on the line. Through the power system of the three protection, full resistance to lightning current along the power line into the engine room, to prevent equipment suffered lightning.

    Second, the outdoor equipment to do a direct lightning and lightning protection work. General construction encountered more is installed in the outdoor camera lightning protection, the need to install a small rod on the support rod, the camera power, control lines, video lines were installed lightning protection device, or the use of triple Lightning protection, the three signals to conduct a comprehensive protection, all kinds of mine to the ground are connected to the following ground.

    Finally, the whole system in accordance with the principle of equal pressure equipotential, the work, protection, shielding, lightning protection grounding to do equipotential bonding and grounding, to prevent the lightning caused by the rise of ground potential caused by over-voltage.

    Through the installation of lightning protection on the cable and other lightning protection measures, you can in a very short period of time will be protected lines connected to the equipotential system, so that the security system equipment port equal potential, the system due to lightning generated a large number Pulse energy discharge to the earth, reducing the potential difference between the various ports of the device, can effectively protect the system equipment.

    From the mine theory and engineering experience, the security system is a lightning protection system engineering. In the design process, the need to direct lightning protection, equipotential bonding, reasonable wiring, installation of SPD and many other aspects to consider a complete solution, ignoring any of these links are likely to bring the entire project a serious security risk. In the construction process, to strengthen the construction of mine awareness of mine, in strict accordance with the relevant construction process standards and design requirements for installation and construction, as far as possible through the perfect design and good construction, from all aspects of the system due to lightning loss.

    On the measures to strengthen the mine, mainly in the process of implementation of the project in strict compliance with the relevant national laws and regulations, from the tender to the acceptance should be considered system lightning protection, system users should use a variety of channels to understand the hazards of lightning on the security system, And provide sufficient financial support. System design, the construction side should be in accordance with the system suffered the probability of lightning and equipment to the importance of a comprehensive mine design and construction.

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